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Hands on Wildlife is a K-12 educational kit designed to provide hands-on learning in an exciting way. It gives teachers and others who work with young people resources and ideas to introduce youth to important concepts of habitat, wildlife management, and impacts resulting from human and wildlife interactions.


The Hands on Wildlife kit allows children and adults to experience wildlife in an exciting hands-on way in an urban, suburban, or rural setting or out of doors. For many, the kit is the gateway to appreciation of the outdoor world and provides their only contact with a wild animal. Hands on Wildlife helps adults and young people in our increasingly urban environment re-establish their connection with our land and their link to the natural world.


The kit contains real or plastic replica skulls, pelts, rubber tracks, and rubber scat (feces) for common animals such as beaver, skunk, bobcat, coyote, raccoon, mink, muskrat, and deer. Lesson plans, activity suggestions, teacher’s guides and posters are included. The video, Habitat Earth-Wildlife, demonstrates the importance of habitat to all animals. Habitat Earth-H2O takes viewers on a journey that shows how humans contribute to impaired water quality.



For more information about Hands on Wildlife or to learn about how to
acquire a Hands on Wildlife contact Northeast Wisconsin Chapter's Director of Education, Roberta "Bobbie" Windus at
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