Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Marty Witczak, President

Happy New Year greetings to one and all! I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year no one will forget and nor should we. The world experienced several important events that forever changed how we look at and appreciate our individual freedoms. Coronavirus or COVID – 19 affected every state here in the US and 216 other countries and territories around the world. We lost loved ones, family, friends and neighbors but we also spent quality time with our families getting reacquainted, home schooling our children, working remotely from home and entertaining ourselves with family games.


    On November 3rd we experienced a presidential election like we have never had before. More American citizens voted in the United States than in all American history!


    Following the election was the 2020, gun deer hunting season. I hope everyone who was out with their gun in hand and trapsing through the woods to their hunting stands, were successful with their hunt and they nailed that trophy buck! A buck they will be able to brag about until the next buck goes down in the books or on the wall. Remember, if you have pictures of your trophy you can email them to me at and we will be happy to post them on the SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter members photo gallery on the website. Please send us pictures of your successful hunting trophies so everyone can share in your success.


    The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays came and went as we celebrated with smaller gatherings, mostly with our immediate families and enjoyed this precious time spent together.


    In 2020, Americans and other country populations were affected with the Coronavirus including hunters, outfitters, hunting guides, fishing and any other sport enthusiast. Hunting and fishing excursions came to a grinding halt when travel restrictions were put into place and no one was able to leave or come into the country. All of us big game and fishing enthusiasts were deprived of our trophies we crave so much! Hopefully 2021 will bring a return to normalcy.


    Our SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter has had some success in increasing our memberships. We appreciate all of you current members reaching out and speaking and inviting other sports men and women, friends, neighbors and family members to SCI events. Now more than ever we recognize the importance of keeping our gun and hunting rights and encourage current and new members to continue to reach out and talk with everyone they know. If you know of anyone that is interested in membership information they can email me a and I will follow up.


    The Northeast Wisconsin Chapter board members have continued to meet on a monthly basis to keep informed on the local and national COVID – 19 updates. At this point in time, I am sure most of you are aware that the National SCI Convention in Las Vegas NV has been cancelled. Locally, we have decided to cancel the February Expo Hunting Show and in November, following a vigorous conversation about our banquet at the Stadium View in Green Bay we have decided to cancel this event as well. Due to tightening restrictions and weighing out the costs of the banquet and possibly having to cancel at the last minute we felt it was the best and only decision to make. We are aware how much this affects our outstanding SCI members and outfitters and how we distribute the proceeds from the banquet to organizations. It was a difficult decision to make but we had to keep in mind the safety of all those who volunteer, all those traveling from afar and all the guests attending. We are however, continuing to move forward with our online bidding on Saturday February 20th. This is a new adventure for us and hopefully it will be very successful and a new tradition going forward. Please visit the SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter website to learn more and for chapter updates. Make sure you look at the member's photo gallery and submit your pictures of your successful hunting trophies.


    In closing, I would like to extend an invitation to any member that has pictures or videos of a hunting or fishing excursion that they would like to share, by presenting a program for one of our monthly members meetings, to please contact me, or Walt at to get on the schedule. We enjoy a social gathering, an excellent meal and your program highlighting your hunting or fishing skills, your trophies, and the beautiful backdrop in which your adventure takes place. As a reminder, visit our website for updates on all our activities.


We will be having an online auction,
please watch our website for more details


Remember, shoot straight, and make the first one count!




I look forward to seeing you at one of
our Member's Meeting.