Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Marty Witczak, President

For me, fall is the busiest time of the year and the fall of 2019 was no exception as I raced against time and Mother Nature. I was busy readying the yard for its long winter slumber, meanwhile the gun deer season was approaching. It was a very hectic time. The fall started out with bow season and seeing nice 10- and 12-point bucks on the camera on my land in Berlin Wisconsin. With it being one of the wettest years, the marsh was proving to be difficult to hunt. My son, Chris, was most excited with what he saw on the camera and seeing those nice bucks wander onto the food plot that he had worked so hard and diligently on during the 2019 summer. He was very hopeful for a nice prize!


In late October I had the opportunity to go on my first elk hunt in Carey Idaho with Little Wood River Outfitters owned and operated by Steve Sobotka. I was very excited about going on this trip. It would be my first time traveling out west! I traveled with Craig Cloutier, a close friend and fellow SCI member. We decided to extend our out west adventure so we left a few days earlier so we could stop to explore and marvel at some of the wonders of our own continent! Along the way we stopped at Devils Head Tower and where in awe of the enormity of this natural monument. Our next stop was a tour of the Weatherby Gun Factory. I have to confess, it nearly killed me to exit the factory empty handed! Such fine craftsmanship displayed! My wife warned me before we left on our adventure, “You can look, but you can’t touch!” The next stop was to visit Yellow Stone National Park. I had never seen this beautiful creation and I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the night before we were to view the park they had received 3 inches of snow and the park gates were locked so we had no choice but to continue on our journey to Carey Idaho. We arrived in Carey on Sunday October 20th to embark on our 6-day horseback hunt. I was thankful I had taken some horseback riding lessons to help me prepare, back in my home town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


We mounted our horses and set off on the three-hour, six-mile trek up the mountain to our camp. The scenery was spectacular with the valleys and mountains that we traveled through. Our camp consisted of us five hunters, a camp cook and four guides. Everything about the camp was laid out very well, including the delicious meals. We saw lots of elk and mule deer and one of the guides saw a big moose on one of our hunting outings. Three out of five hunters where successful on getting their trophy elk. Although I was not successful on getting an elk I was very happy that I had participated in the hunt and this whole experience! I gave myself a huge pat on the back as I realized I had been able to keep up with the younger hunters as we walked miles and miles up and down the valleys and mountains in search of that elusive elk. I was profoundly glad that all my hours spent at Planet Fitness working out and getting in shape since February had paid off!


November dawned cold, snowy and busy with the deer gun hunting season, Thanksgiving and all the wonderful sights and smells that come with it. I am truly thankful for all the wonder ful friends and the successful hunts I have experienced since becoming a member of SCI and look forward to many more fond memories.


Christmas as usual was spent quietly with family and friends gathered around the Christmas tree sharing a meal prepared with love. Singing, laughter and the exchange of gifts and stories was evident as we visited and thanked the Lord for each other and all the beautiful treasures he has blessed us with.


The SCI National Convention will be held again this year in Reno Nevada and occurs February 5th through February 8th. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend you are missing out on a spectacular event! You can travel, meet and greet speakers, outfitters and dream of the ultimate hunting or otherwise experience of your life. You can purchase anything you are in the market for from hunting clothing to porcupine quills from the continent of Africa to ordering your very own furniture made from that zebra skin you’ll have after your hunt. You can purchase tables, benches and animals carved from large species of trees not found here in the United States and even chandeliers and Christmas trees made from animal antlers. You’ll also find fabulous restaurants and food that will delight the pallet. The entire experience is worth your time and enjoyment and you can purchase your tickets online.


For those of you who are closer to the Green Bay area and would like to experience our 2020 Hunter Expo those dates are February 21st through February 23rd at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The banquet and outfitters auction will be Saturday February 22nd the Stadium View Bar in Green Bay. To entertain you, there will be gun raffles, a silent auction and much more. Come experience this great event and get excited about your privilege and honor of being an SCI member and helping to protect our hunting rights. Purchase your 2020 Hunter Expo tickets online on the SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter's Web site.


In closing, think about all the experiences, blessings and new friendships you’ve forged in 2019 and commit to making 2020 just as memorable and rich.




I look forward to seeing you February 21st - 23rd at our
Annual SCI Hunter's Banquet and Hunter Expo 2020.