Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Marty Witczak, President

Greetings, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new President of the Northeast Appleton WI SCI Chapter. My name is Marty Witczak born in May of 1955 and a lifelong resident of Oshkosh, WI. My father introduced me to the sport of deer hunting at the tender age of 6 and I have not missed an opening day since! Besides being an avid deer hunter, another passion of mine is Lake Michigan fishing. For the past 35 years, and 2 boats later, my family and I have enjoyed the thrill of the chase, witnessed the awesome beauty of the sun rise and an occasional sun set, and the spray in our faces as we sped across the lake.


I joined SCI as a member in 2016 after being invited to participate in a Canadian Caribou hunt. It was at this time with many new friendships forged that I seriously wanted a bigger role in preserving our hunting rights and to experience many more hunting expeditions. Through the new friends I’ve made as an SCI member, my wife of 34 years and I, had the opportunity with some SCI friends Cal and Karry Ort, to go on exciting hunt in South Africa. So in March of 2018 we boarded a plane bound for Johannesburg South Africa where we would be guests of Gamka Safaris, owners Ken and Elma Whiley. We spent days enjoying their hospitality, the beautiful scenery and the new tastes of fresh game excellently prepared from the days hunt. My trophies included but were not limited to a Blue Wildebeest, a Gems Buck and a Zebra. It was truly an overwhelming experience and one I hope to repeat over and over as I enjoy my retirement. My wife and I have decided there will definitely be more hunting and sightseeing trips back to the beautiful continent of Africa in our future!


Throughout the balance of 2018, I attended SCI meetings as the new president elect expanding my knowledge and learning my duties that I would be responsible for once my official title became president in June of 2019. As 2018 came to a close, I was once again invited by several of my new SCI friends to accompany them to the beautiful state of Alaska, Kodiak Island to be specific, for a black tailed deer hunt. It was on this hunt that I had the opportunity to see a huge charging brown bear! I’m not so sure I would like a repeat of this experience, although no one was hurt and the “charging bear” gave us just one more tail of adventure to share with future hunting groups and on future hunting trips. Not only did I hunt but I got the chance to cast my fishing rod for some fresh cod and halibut. It was a wonderful experience to feel the sun and spray on my face and the waves rocking the boat under my feet!


January of this New Year, found my wife and I attending and enjoying the many sights and sounds of the SCI Convention in Reno, Nevada. It was a first for us and definitely not the last time we’ll attend. So much to see and hear, and so many talented people. The hunting trophies displayed were amazing! Each one bigger, better, more fierce and so beautiful to gaze upon. We attended the convention for four days and before we knew it, we were back on the plane on our way home to Oshkosh, WI to begin preparing for our own SCI chapter hunting package raffles and banquet to take place in mid-February.


As I sit here anticipating how I will conclude this first article I’ve written as the new president, I realized there really is no conclusion. My presidential duties and hunting excursions are just beginning and I can’t wait to keep you all informed as I check off each experience on my personal traveling, hunting and fishing bucket list. I look forward to serving, and I’m ready to do my part for SCI and my fellow members. I’m open to any ideas you’re willing to share so please email me with your thoughts at





I look forward to seeing you October 9th
for our next monthly member's meeting.