Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Marty Witczak, President

Sleepless nights are upon the deer hunting population of Wisconsin. Dreaming of that buck of a lifetime is a thought that has passed through the minds of many generations of deer hunters. I wish you all the best in your quest for that trophy.


   I wanted to take a moment and talk about a disturbing trend which is not only happening in Northeast Wisconsin, but across the country. That trend is a drop in memberships with SCI. The finger pointing can be directed in numerous areas, all of which are a contributing factors. Covid has caused less disposable income in our pockets, covid has caused banquet season to be cancelled, and on line auctions have taken the stage. For our chapter, not having our three day expo has had a significant impact on our active membership roster. The expo is our largest source of generating new memberships annually, in addition many members re-up their membership at the expo. By not having that presence in February, we need to reload the smoking gun.


   Our board of directors for the first time in the history of the chapter has taken a recent break from our monthly board of directors meeting. Our first meeting at the end of summer there was a elevated sense of energy and enthusiasm. One of the topics was the decline in active memberships. We as directors accept the challenge of creating the awareness that is required to get the memberships back to a acceptable level. I encourage everyone who is reading this month’s edition to create a little awareness with those you associate with. Holiday season is getting closer, and everyone has an annual birthday. Buy a membership for that person who has everything, maybe they need a SCI membership.


   I know in conversation I have had in the past, there is a large sector of the outdoor world that has a big misunderstanding of what SCI is, and who it is for. Typical thoughts include, well that is for the rich people, or its just hunts in Africa. Well we all know that is so distorted and a simple explanation can create a positive image. I have responded by saying, we all know what the NRA is and their mission statement. Very simple, they defend our rights to bear arms, and are the loudest voice we have on that topic. SCI is there to defend and preserve our rights as hunters, and SCI is loudest voice we have on that topic. Start with that, It has worked for me.


   Moving towards the future, we can’t wait for the Northeast Wisconsin Hunters Expo the last weekend in February, 2022. Our Banquet for this year has been changed to Friday evening, and next year it will return to the traditional Saturday evening Banquet. This years three day event will take place at the newly constructed “Resch Expo Center” directly across from Lambeau Field. This event is taking on new energy as the event coordinator has informed me that the event will include the fishing industry also. The bottom line is that this will create more foot traffic through the door meaning a larger crowd for our outfitters in attendance. The event will carry a new title, “Wisconsin State Hunting And Fishing Expo”.


Until my next article, enjoy your new liberties and stay safe.




I look forward to seeing you at our next Member's Meeting,
December 8th at D2 Sports Bar in Ashwaubenon, WI.