Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Marty Witczak, President

Well, its official, the Northeast WI SCI Chapter has a new board member. His name is Zach Thede. Zach is not new to our chapter. He has been an SCI member ever since I came on board three years ago. His history with SCI dates to 2000 when he attended his first hunting classat the SCI Hunting and Fishing Expo inGreen Bay.


   In 2010 Zach became a member. He has been Tom Kiel’s, number one helper with the SCI Banquet gun raffle. I am sure Zach will continue to be a huge asset when it comes to  participating in the SCI Banquet and Live Auction every February. Zach is a young man with International as well as many US state side hunting stories of his own to share, and he has the hunting trophies to show for it.


   I and the current board members have welcomed him with open arms and hope Zach can bring a new, younger perspective to some of the current SCI activities we host as well as contributing to some new, more innovative ideas.


   Speaking of board members, I would like to introduce them to you and share the group photo. President is me, Marty Witczak. VP of Publicit y is Mark Schultz. VP of Programs is John “Walt” Janke. Webmaster and VP for Publicity and Project Funding is Mark W. Snyder, while Treasurer is Gary Knaack, and Secretary and Silent Auction Chairperson is Mary Reetz. Hunt Chairman and Live Auction Merchandise Chairman is Cal Ort, and Membership is Kevin Ott . Those members not pictured are Ex Of f icio of Volunteers Mark Jablonic, Roberta “Bobbie” Windus for Education, and Tom Kiel for Weapons/Facilities and Awards.



   One goal all of us members have in common is to make sure we meet our annual membership goal. We know that the SCI organization is about protecting and preserving our hunting rights and we cannot do that unless we continue to spread the word and grow in members.


   On a more pleasurable note, 2020 threw us some curve balls but we came out swinging! I formed a Thursday evening summer trap shooting team at the Berlin Conservation Club in Berlin, Wisconsin. The members of the SCI team I put together included Bill Patek, Louis Spanbauer, Kevin Sawicki, Chris Witczak and myself. After a couple of preseason practice rounds conquering those flying clay pigeons, we began in earnest our competition rounds. It was a 10-week session, one round of 25 shots per week. There was of course the option to shoot more than one round per week which we often did. Out of the 1,250 birds thrown, our SCI team shot 1,080 birds which secured us the 24th position out of 42 teams competing. Our goal for the 2021 summer trap league is to finish strong within the top 15 teams or possibly even one of the top 10 teams! It is a great goal to keep in our sights and one we have all committed to achieving very seriously!


   I am sure that some of our chapter members have begun to venture outside of the USA to pursue visiting countries that have opened and allowed hunters that are starving for a hunting fix, to visit. One of our board members just recently returned from Africa and his hunting trip was very successful. My wife and I are tentatively planning on going to Scotland for a Red Stag, Hill Stag and Fallow Deer hunt in September. We are excited about the prospect of venturing out into the world once again to satisfy my hunting itch and to add a few more memories to the wall!


Until my next article, enjoy your new liberties and stay safe.




I look forward to seeing you at our next Member's Meeting,
September 8th at Stadium View in Green Bay, WI.